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Darwin's Dog Training School

Darwin's Dog Training School specialises in scent detection training for dogs of all breeds, ages and abilities. We offer group scent detection classes, mantrailing introductions and progression sessions and 1-2-1 dog training. We are based in Portsmouth, UK. We use science-led, reward-based training methods.

Darwin Stansted Ball


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Darwin Scentwork Stansted

Train your dog to systematically search for a drop of target odor

Mantrailing Portsmouth

Train your dog in the sport of finding humans


Focus your training time on areas you want to work on


Darwin's Dog Training School was founded by me - Reece, and has since grown with the addition of my partner, Becky. You can read a little about each of us below. Darwin's Dog Training School is named after our vizsla (who you can see working in these photos). We also have Mendel, our Cyprus-born rescue dog, who is a pointer, spaniel, beagle, Swiss hound cross (we think!), and Astrid, our Dutch shepherd.

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He's a very good trainer, with a wide knowledge on many important aspects of dog welfare. So I'm sure that his courses will help so much, puppies and owners, to understand each other and support each other.

Fra Willis

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